Online Resources

We love to connect people in our congregation with resources that help them grow in their faith, as well as connect with others to walk beside them in Christian life.  

Connect with others through our online directory.  

Click the green logo to go right to the sign-in page.

Details on getting set up are below.

We  also offer access to Right Now Media for members of our congregation.  

Click the orange logo to go to the log-in page.

Details on getting set up are below.

Online Directory

NOTE: Only those who have submitted their information and asked to be in the directory have access to the directory.  There is a unique password for each account.

If you have submitted your information of the directory, your email address will get you access to the directory.  Click the green logo to go to the sign-in page.

If you haven't logged on previously, 

  • Click on "Create a login now" on the right side of the page.
  • On the next page, enter the email you submitted to the directory. Create a password and reenter it for confirmation. Click the blue "Request Login" button (You may need to check your email to verify you are who you say you are).
  • Enter the email address and password on the Church Member Sign In page, and enjoy the directory.

For the phone app, search for 'Instant Church Directory' in your app store.


If you are not in the directory, and are considering Oakdale your church home, we would love for you to be part of the directory. Submit your family names, address, phone numbers (multiple phone numbers are able to be included) and email address to or call the church office at 712.443.8385. You may include a photo with your email or we can take one at church.

Right NOw Media

Right Now Media is an online video resource with over 10,000 teaching, story, kids and bible study videos for our congregation to use to grow in faith and to reach out to their communities in Jesus' name.

Follow this special link to join rightnowmedia if you haven't signed up already:

Watch content from your TV, desktop, laptop, or Roku.  You can also get the Right Now Media app for iPad and iPhone at the App Store.  Android coming in the near future.