Serving Schedule

We love our volunteers!

We couldn't have the impact we do without you.  Thanks for all you do!

Here is the monthly serving schedule:

  • Prayer Room

    9/3    Gordon and Pat Andersen

    9/10   Gust and Dixie Anderson

    9/17   Paul and Faye Ehmcke

    9/24   Randy and Kay Jipp

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  • Head Greeter

    Joanne Petersen

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  • Children's Church

    9/3    Brandie Dublinske, 

    Ona Deubner, 

    Sally and Dave Carlson

    9/10   Brandie Dublinske, David Wester, Jon and Pam VanderPloeg

    9/17   Tiffany and Ryan Harper,

    Kimberly Peterson, Kayla Mayer

    9/24   Tiffany and Ryan Harper, 

    Kristin Patterson, 

    Emily Adamson

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Nursery SerVing Schedule

  • sunday school

    9/3 No Sunday School

    9/10 Mark and Jill Hecox

    9/17 Joel and Wendy Ivarson

    9/24 Julie Swanson and Estella Stout

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  • Worship Service

    9/3 Vernon and De Tjossem

    Lorna Wilson, Karen Mugge

    9/10 Tim and Georgia Axiotis

    Joleen Stout, Denise Lundell

    9/17 Jon and Pam VanderPloeg

    Kristin Patterson, Sarah Gnade

    9/24 Lyle and Sue Peterson,

    Brandie Dublinske, Liz Wilson

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  • Wednesday

    9/6  Brandie Dublinske, dawn Badker

    9/13  Joanne Petersen, Brenda Bird

    9/20  Karen Mugge, Joleen Stout

    9/26  Melinda Wester, Deb Zupke

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  • Special events

    Lyle and Sue Peterson

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